What Should Homeowners Know About Garage Door Spring Replacement

There are many reasons homeowners may need to seek garage door repair Sacramento but a damaged spring is the most common reason. When the spring on a garage door begins failing, it can actually be dangerous to operate the doors because they can open and shut without warning. It is vital homeowners never attempt to adjust or replace the springs themselves since it takes special training and tools to be able to carry out this work that is best left to the professionals.


These two factors commonly cause spring failure in garage doors:

The amount of cycles a garage door goes through in a single day can add up quickly. Each time the garage door opens and closes, that is considered a cycle. The average springs on a garage door will last about ten thousand cycles. If a homeowner does this four times a day, the springs should need to be replaced every seven years.

If the springs are not properly lubricated, this can lead to rust formation which can cause damage to the springs and speed up the process of them needing to be replaced. It is important a homeowner makes sure their springs are properly lubricated as often as recommended, to ensure no damage occurs and they can avoid the need for garage door repair Sacramento.

Should a homeowner be concerned about the springs on their garage door, they can test them fairly easily. All a homeowner needs to do is pull the red emergency cord so the system can release the door. Once the doors have been released, the homeowner will be able to raise and lower their garage doors manually. While doing so, they need to pay careful attention to any sounds they hear.

If squeaking sounds are heard, this likely means the springs are going bad. If the homeowner releases the door two feet from the ground and it feels heavy and begins to sag, the springs are not strong enough to hold the door and they need to be replaced. When in doubt, a homeowner can call in the professionals for an inspection so they can make sure their springs are in good shape.

If you are a homeowner in need of garage door spring replacement or repair, contact D&L Garage Doors Sacramento. They provide their customers with the extensive garage door services they are in need of. They will ensure your garage doors are safe to operate.

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